Monday, September 22, 2014

Controlling Site / Page Level Permissions in Google Sites

One of the great things about Sites is the ability to control access to webpages. There are two ways to control this access; site and page level.

Site level access controls access site wide which becomes the default for all pages. Access levels include public, link, domain, domain with link, and private.

Page level permissions are for those who want even more control. You may want shared with link for the landing page, but more limited access for other pages. For example, you may want to limit page access to a particular group of students.

In addition, you can determine if the access is view only or edit. If you had an assignment page you wanted to share with students view only  would make more sense, but if you set up a page for collaborative work edit would be the more logical option.

If I was creating a site primarily for students / teachers who were on a specific domain, I would seriously consider domain + link. This would require the student / teacher to be logged into the domain as well as have access to the link. This could be a great alternative to link or public when you don't want the hassle of granting access to a multitude of users.

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