Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Making YouTube Videos Ad Free

We have all been there. We are playing a YouTube video for our classroom or even an all school assembly, and on comes an ad, or worse, related videos that cause the audience to erupt in laughter. I will look at two options; SafeShare.TV and ViewPure, that can help alleviate the embarrasing YouTube Ad Syndrome.

SafeShare TV has a very simple interface. You simply put in the YouTube url, and it creates a link / page with your safe video. This video has all the ads, related videos, and other distractions stripped from it. If all you want is a safe link then Safe Share TV is a great option.

ViewPure is another option. It too creates a page with ads, related videos, and other distractions stripped out. In addition to the YouTube url, you can also search for videos which is a nice option. Clicking on the Cog settings gear allows to to select custome url, secure with password, and clip sections of the video. ViewPure also has a Live section in which you can watch videos others are watching at the very moment.

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