Sunday, October 5, 2014

KidPicker, A Popsicle Stick Alternative

Watching the live On-Air Google Slam this week +Allison Mollica highlighted KidPicker created by +Andrew Stillman. I have used this cool little script in the past but forgot totally about it.

Think about a technology alternative to the popsicle sticks one finds in an elementary classrooms. What I like best about KidPicker is it captures the simplicity of the popsicle stick but adds the data collection of Google Sheets.

In a addition to cycling through a class list, it allows you to give a numerical value to participation. By default its 1, 2 ,3 but it could be as simple as 1 and 0, participated or not. One could also use KidPicker thoughout the day for quick assessment on if particular learning behavior is observable or not.

If you are like me and have privacy concerns with ClassDojo, KidPicker could be a great alternative. You know that you control access to the data in your Google Spreadsheet.

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