Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lucid Press, Solid Replacement for 90's Era Microsoft Publisher

Lucid Press is a solid replacement for that 90's era Microsoft Publisher we grew up with.  While the free option is quite limited, and the paid option can get costly, they offer educational discounts and it is free for teachers and students.

You can add the Lucid Press app from the Chrome Store. My favorite part of the app is the google integration. I was able to sync the documents I created in Lucid Press to Google Drive, and even import text from Google Docs to a Lucid Press document. Lucid Press even has a video feature where I can insert YouTube videos. You can even embed a Lucid Press document into Google Sites.

If you work at a school Lucid Press is a no brainer. The free account is the full featured Lucid Press for groups account. While a school email is required, Lucid Press does not need to be tied to that account. Lucid Press can easily replace Microsoft Publisher, and it offers interactivity tools for web based presentations.


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