Monday, April 20, 2015

Three Distraction Free YouTube Viewing Options

We have been there, that embarrising, uncomfortable feeling either in the classroom or an assembly.

We find an wonderful video on YouTube and send students the link only to find offensive ads and comments. We are playing a wonderful video at an assembly and then the students roar in laughter because of inappropriate related videos.  Or just simply, you are old school and a little uneasy with ads in educational content.

Today I would like to highlight three distraction free services; Viewpure, Watchkin, and SafeShare. I will be looking at three types of distraction; ads, related videos, and comments on YouTube site, related videos at the end of a YouTube video, and ads within the video.

Viewpure has been my go to service for distraction free viewing. It removes all excess content around the video itself, and does a good job at removing related videos.

Similar to ViewPure, Watchkin removes excess content around video, and related videos. Watchkin also has some kid friendly features if you want to filter video content.

Lastly, SafeShare removes excess content around video, related videos, and ads within the video. The last one is really beneficial if you'd like educational content to be ad free.

SafeShare.TV is the distraction free service I will recommend to teachers because it also removes ads from the video itself. If ads in videos are less of a concern then any three of these options are worthwhile.

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