Sunday, May 3, 2015

Adding Animation to Google Slides

While one has been able to make it work in Google Slides for some time, Google has recently implemented additional animation options for objects within a slide.

For example, you could have text and images on a specific slide and they appear, fade, slide, zoom after a particular action such as click, with previous, and after previous. This would allow you to have some objects display with the slide, an object ocurring upon click, and additional objects ocurring at that time or when those actions are completed.

In the video I kept it simple. On one slide I had the text zoom in upon click, and in the other the GIF fly down upon click. This could get more complex such as having initial text disappearing or new text appearing on or after a click.

I think these new animation features in Google Slides could be really useful in adding interactivity to presentations.

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