Saturday, May 30, 2015

Oh My Google Photos!

At Google IO a brand new service was announced called Google Photos. I was like huh, new, I have been using Google Photos for almost two years now.

I was happy with Google + Photos so was unclear about what this new service aimed to fix. Some have referred to it as the Gmail for photos in the sense that it is not one of the places photos are stored, but the the place (all) ones photos are shared from. In relation to Google + Photos it feels more like Inbox to Gmail than say Buzz to Google +.

But that leaves one in this Oh My Google state of more or less having your photos on Google + Photos, Google Photos, and Google Drive. Maybe this is what Google means by Be Together, Not the Same.

I will say I think divorcing photo organization from sharing was a good step. I uploaded most of my photos to Google + Photos but very few were shared. It was difficult explaining to people photos would be private they uploaded to a sharing site.

I also was quite impressed when I did a photo search. I am a firm believer that Google's greatest strength is its search. Many try to hold on to the perception of control through choas by spending hours organizing (or not) their email, files, or photos.

There are complaints though, many relied on the editing tools in Google + Photos and the Greek god editing in Google Photos is rather limited. I still prefer the cropping with traditional photo sizes in Google + Photos.

I think its important to remember that Google has stated Google + Photos will remain intact. In other words, we can have our cake and eat it too with icecream. When we upload photos, we can access them on Google Photos, Google + Photos, and Google Drive.

Additionally, my edits or organization on one will not impact my experience on the other.  For example, if I try to edit a photo in Google + Photos that was previously edited in Google Photos, I am given the orginal to edit. Also, if I create several albums on Google + Photos, it will not impact my experience on Google Photos. There may be times I would need greater control with who or how I share a photo with. With my photos in Google Drive I can use that interface for sharing.

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