Sunday, July 12, 2015

Use Your Camera with Sketchpad 3.5

If you search Sketchpad in the Chrome Web Store, you come up with two apps for

This post will focus on Sketchpad 3.5 which has offline capabilities as well as the ability to utilize the camera.

Most of my interactions with the screen was done through touch rather than the mouse. Sketchpad 3.5 felt more optimized to the touch interface than Sketchpad 3.7.

Camera - Clicking on the camera for the first time brings up the webcam and you can cycle through filters. You can then click the camera icon and insert your photo onto the canvas.

Stamps - In Sketchpad 3.5 you have limited access to stamps. When camera option is activated selecting stamp will insert a non filtered webcam image anywhere on the screen.

Create a Stamp: One neat feature in 3.5 is the ability to create your own stamp. After your stamp is created you can insert it at various sizes all across the screen, or even use it as a pen.

If you are looking for an offline Sketchpad experience Sketchpad 3.5 is definately the way to go. You will not have access to all the stamps but your creativity can run wild with the camera. I also preferred Sketchpad 3.5 for the touch interface.

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